Lip Blushing and Permanent Lip Coloring – Think Before You Ink

Lip blushing is the newest beauty fad that’s sweeping the globe. Lip colouring treatments with before and after photographs may be seen all over social media. It’s causing a stir in the permanent makeup industry because the results are truly life-changing.

Permanent lip colouring is a huge step forward in makeup and a dream come true for ladies. The Lip Blushing technique provides a solution that is essentially a combination of colour correction and enhancement of the natural shape, fullness, and distribution of the lips’ colour.

Maintaining the appearance of the lips is still a daily struggle. It takes time to switch between beauty products and apply makeup on a daily basis. Lip blushing as a semi-permanent makeup treatment, on the other hand, is becoming more popular as a long-term remedy.

What Is Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is a micro-pigmentation procedure that creates a semi-permanent makeup look. It is primarily a lip colouring technique used to improve the natural colour of the lips as well as the shape of the lips.

The treatment creates a layer of colour on the lips using specialised techniques. The end effect is a tint that is close to the gorgeous natural lips. Traditional tattoo artists do not undertake the procedure; instead, permanent makeup artists and specialist aestheticians do.


The first session of basic blushing and colouring takes about 2-3 hours. Time and results are affected by a number of factors, including skin type, pigment quality and technique.

From prepping the lips to applying the pigment and colouring, the treatment should involve numerous steps. The nature of the lips, on the other hand, might differ from person to person, and there may be difficulties with the lips that necessitate intensive colour correction.

Always keep in mind that everyone’s skin and lips are unique, as are their colour preferences. Permanent lip treatments can use a variety of techniques, so it’s vital to get a consultation and figure out what would work best for you based on your facial characteristics, natural appearance, lip shape, and skin type.


After the initial treatment, the healing takes a few weeks.It’s critical to understand how long it takes to properly recover because many people experience anxiety during the first two weeks. You must be patient as the pigmentation heals and takes time to achieve the desired colour. After 6 weeks, the colour will have taken on its proper form, and you can have a touch-up session if necessary.

When it comes to lip pigmentation, how long does it last?

Lip colouring pigmentation lasts for an average of 18 months. Lip colour can last anywhere from a year to three years, depending on the skin type, pigment quality, and application technique. The pigment will progressively fade away over time.

How do you go about selecting a permanent makeup artist?

Think before you ink. Always choose based on quality rather than cost. Lip blushing demands a highly experienced artist with extensive knowledge of lip treatments. The treatment is becoming increasingly popular around the world, but the quality is not consistent. When looking for the ideal makeup artist, make sure to study reviews and question people who have had the treatment before.

Lip blushing procedures necessitate the use of a trained artist who is familiar with colour correction techniques and can apply pigmentation with ease. When it comes to choosing a permanent makeup artist, you should always do your research.

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