The Beginner's Guide to Microneedling: Your Path to Glowing Skin

The Beginner’s Guide to Microneedling: Your Path to Glowing Skin

If you’re like us and wonder why every Instagram model you see has skin brighter than the sun, read on! We found essential methods for achieving that Instagram-model glow, along with the best products to fix it permanently! Prepare to adore your skin (and free up phone memory). Prepare to take numerous selfies.

What’s Microneedling?

Microneedling uses a wand with 0.5—to 2.5-millimeter needles to generate microscopic skin punctures and start a healing response. Michelle Sheehan Foster, owner and licensed Skin Care Therapist at Skin Deep Spatique, says microneedling causes the body to go into defense mode. The technique simply boosts collagen production, allowing the skin to recover and renew.

Our little needles barely go 1 mm deep.

Amazing Microneedling Benefits

  • This procedure aims to regenerate the entire skin. Depending on your skin, you might anticipate seeing fewer fine wrinkles and acne scars after treatment.
  • Additionally, your skin will naturally produce more collagen and elastin to restore its bounce and dewiness.
  • Microneeling treats a range of cosmetic skin concerns, including pigmentation, scarring, oily and spot-prone skin, as well as providing general anti-aging improvements.
  • We can always prescribe the right amount of treatments and needle size for your skin type and issues.

Let’s see how it works!

Pay attention if you’re new to micro-needling and have questions about the device!

  • As you know, micro-needling devices use several needle diameters. These typically measure 0.5–2 millimeters. Stretch marks and scarring are treated with 1.5–2 millimeter needles, while wrinkles and fine lines are addressed with 0.5–1.5 millimeter needles. The area of the skin and depth of lines or scarring will determine this.
  • Treatment begins after skin sterilization, which prevents process-related discomfort and infection.
  • Next, the device’s ultra-fine needles roll across the skin, causing micro-injuries. They won’t bleed or cause pain and won’t be visible because each tiny puncture is so tiny! This stimulates collagen and elastin formation, healing and rejuvenating your skin! We may apply Hyaluronic acid to the skin to speed up therapy absorption and results!

Before Treatment Preparation

  • Stay away from retinoids, chemical exfoliants, and topical antibiotics for 7 days before treatment.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs can disrupt the inflammatory process that rejuvenates skin.
  • Avoid laser, sunbed, and sun exposure 2 weeks before treatment.
  • On the days before treatment, do not wax; use hair removal cream or IPL.
  • Cold sore sufferers may need antiviral medicines two days before and on treatment day.
  • Alcohol and blood-thinning medications might exacerbate bruising.

Results and expectations

Following the treatment, your skin should feel tight and invigorated. Collagen production should start 48–72 hours following therapy. Some people don’t notice results for 1–4 weeks after treatment, and the final result may take two months.

Scar tissue, dark spots, UV damage, and stretch marks may diminish after one treatment. Your skin may look thicker, healthier, and firmer. Microneedling in Earley is ideal for downtime-free skin regeneration!

After Treatment Situation

Very few people have trouble with micro-needling. Your skin may feel heated and tight after treatment. These side effects are common and should fade within two hours and disappear within 24 hours. The redness may linger longer in areas where the needles penetrate deeply, but it will diminish in a few days.

After micro-needling, your skin may peel and flake. This is because your skin cell turnover rate has risen, replacing dead cells with new ones. It takes around a week to peel, so apply your facial moisturizer and follow your doctor’s advice.

Is microneedling safe to try? Who can try it?

Microneedling is great for rejuvenating skin, healing flaws, and fighting aging. However, some must take extra safety precautions. Some conditions prevent or require medical clearance for microneedling. Examples include eczema, rosacea, infectious skin disorders, acne, and fungal infections. Consult a dermatologist if you’ve had chemical peels, laser or cosmetic surgery, filler injections, or Botox.

Need Assistance in Microneedling?

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