semi permanenet makeup fade

Does Semi Permanent Makeup Fade?

Does Semi-Permanent Makeup fade completely? Yes, but the length of time it takes to fade is another question. It all depends on your skin type, texture, and routine. It may also be affected by the needles and pigments used. Microblading, which is completely safe in the hands of an experienced artist, must be semi-permanent. Semi-Permanent Makeup should fade completely within two years of application if not retouched. This is the intention and reason for the existence of Semi-Permanent Makeup. This service was promoted as a more secure and conservative approach to brow tattoos.

As brow trends change, Semi-Permanent Makeup allows each client to evolve while still maintaining a stylish and classic brow. Semi-permanent brow strokes are made to look like your natural hair and blend in with it. They are intended to fade over time, so touch-ups are required to maintain the look.

Do Pigments used in Semi-Permanent makeup fade away?

Natural, vegan, and high-quality pigments are used in semi-permanent makeup because they are the safest and reduce the possibility of allergic reactions. Semi-Permanent Makeup is supposed to fade because it is natural, as the body breaks down the pigment and metabolizes it outside of its system.

Semi-permanent makeup pigments are specifically designed to look more natural without the harsh ink effects. Treatment is ongoing and will not be discontinued. It will, however, fade over time and may require touch-ups every 1 to 5 years. The frequency of touch-ups is determined by several factors, including the pigment color used (lighter colors fade faster), lifestyle (sun exposure), iron deficiency (iron oxide is absorbed by the body as a supplement), and whether or not any chemical peels come into contact with treated areas.

When do we need Touch-ups?

Touch-ups are common for semi-permanent make-up procedures, and each new procedure necessitates two visits, the first for the initial procedure and the second for a free touch-up procedure within a year. Our exclusive eyebrow tattooing services will assist you with microblading, feathered, or hair-stroke procedures. Once tattooed on the skin, the ink is permanent. Touch-ups may be required every 12 months for lighter colors, such as blonde permanent eyebrow tattoos. Body tattoos use bright, bold ink that is meant to last, though it fades with sun exposure and changes with skin changes over time. Another factor that causes permanent makeup to fade is the device used to insert the pigment. The depth to which the artist implanted it: this is the most important factor in determining how quickly your permanent makeup will fade.

Because this pigment fades over time, if you commit to Semi-permanent makeup, you should come in for a touch-up every year or two. To avoid excessive skin processing, the tattoo should not be retouched unless it has faded more than 50%. If you don’t use a color booster, your semi-permanent brows will fade, but you’ll still have some pigment in your skin.


Although the expertise of your chosen semi-permanent makeup artist dictates the quality of the consultation, treatment, and top-up appointments, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure adequate aftercare is carried out. Maintaining the treatment area is critical for achieving the best results. A.D Beauty has compiled an in-depth guide to semi-permanent makeup aftercare.

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