What is The Healing Process For Lip Blushing ?

There is no single concept of beauty, and everyone’s lips are different. Lip blushing, on the other hand, may be of interest if you want to change the appearance or colour of your lips.

What is the purpose of Lip Blush?

To create a soft and natural blush tone, a rotary device is used to deposit and layer pigments within the lips.Lip Blush is a soft and subtle blush of colour that defines the shape of the lips and gives the appearance of plump and flushed lips. Each client’s lip colour is tailored to their natural lip colour, undertone, and skin tone.

Lip blushing, sometimes known as a lip blush tattoo, is one of the most recent methods artists and practitioners use to highlight and repair face features. It’s a cosmetic tattoo process that looks natural and is available at both tattoo studios and high-end spas. When it comes to lip blush, many clients’ first inquiry is, “How long does it take to heal?”

Stages of Lip Blush Healing:

For the best, long-lasting results, here’s what to expect during the lip blush tattoo healing process.

The First Twenty-four Hours

For the first day or so following the lip blushing treatment, expect your lips to be puffy. Mild to moderate swelling is common in most people.

As the numbing effect fades, you may notice discomfort and soreness in the affected area. Applying cold packs wrapped in fresh towels to your lips can help to alleviate these side effects.

As a result, as soon as your session is finished, your lips will begin to produce lymphatic fluid. Around 4-6 hours after the operation, use a clean water wipe to remove the fluid from your lips.

Expectations for the next day

After your lip blushing tattoo procedure, the swelling should subside in around two days. The lip blush colour should have darkened a little by the 3-day mark, compared to how it was soon after the treatment.

Around 3-4 days following your lip blushing treatment, your lips will begin to flake and peel. Scabs begin to form during this stage when the needle-induced wounds heal.

Allow the dried flakes to fall off while a new layer of healing skin emerges beneath them. Maintain a constant hand-washing and lip-cleansing routine. It’s critical to keep your lips hydrated at this point.

The peeling stage can continue up to a week, and it takes up to four weeks for the ink to thoroughly settle into the skin.

The Last Days of Healing

When the flakiness fades (about 5-6 days following the treatment), the colour of your nearly-healed lips will be 30 to 50% lighter than when you first sat down in the studio chair. Don’t be concerned if the colour “vanishes” for a few weeks before reappearing.

During the final stages of healing, this is a common occurrence. The ink is temporarily hidden by the thickening of the skin as it heals. The link will become visible again and “return” to your optimal lip pigment shade once the skin has repaired itself (about 4-6 weeks) and the colour has settled.

Schedule a follow-up visit with your specialist 8 weeks following your initial lip blushing treatment. Touch-ups can be done during this quick session, whether you need to balance out, neutralise, or lighten your lip colour.

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