8 Reasons to Consider Powder Brows

Do you regret getting your eyebrows tattooed? The powder effect might be more your style.
Glitz by A.D Beauty
offers powder brows to one in three of its clients. Powder Effect uses pin-dot pigment application to create a gradient shaded look and is referred to by many names throughout the industry, including shadow effect and Ombre brows. With a flawless, customized finish that lasts for months on end, the results are comparable to those you would get from wearing makeup. Never does pigment become ashy or blue/Gray. Instead, it gradually ages naturally. In this blog we have discussed 8 reasons to consider Powder Brows:

  1. You have oily skin/enlarged pores: Under the skin, strokes that are incredibly realistic and resemble hair are applied during microblading. Many customers will find this to be ideal, but not everyone. This is because, in people with oily skin or enlarged pores, the results of microblading frequently appear blurry and pale once they have healed, Powder Brow is the best option to opt for in such cases. Clients often experience pain with microblading. And you will observe much faster pigment fading as brows are done with a machine and needle. On the other hand, anybody can go for Powder brows no matter what their skin type is, and stays much longer.
  2. You have sensitive skin: Concerned that microblading might hurt or irritate you? Thanks to Glitz By A.D Beauty’s gentle techniques and attentive care, discomfort is minimal. (To make sure every client is comfortable, we also use topical anesthetics, or numbing creams, before and during the procedure.) For those with extremely sensitive skin, Powder Effect is the best brow procedure because it uses smaller incisions than microblading.
  3. You have medium to full natural brow hair with gaps: Glitz By A.D Beauty’s Powder Brows works well even on people who have thick natural brow hair. Try Powder Effect if you’re one of these customers and you frequently use pencils, powders, or pomades to darken and define your brows or fill in gaps! The micro shading technique accomplishes everything you do with makeup, but lasts approximately one year and always looks flawless! You’ll feel beautiful when you wake up every day and have more time for other things in the morning.
  4. You love a bold makeup look: Semi-Permanent Make-up artist Ankita Dhingra at Glitz by A. D Beauty can create a high-impact brow for clients who typically wear a face of full-coverage makeup. Don’t worry if your brows are too bold; we have a team of skilled professionals at shaping brows in any style with a flattering, individualized shape.
  5. You love soft, subtle shading: Don’t like thick brows? If the intensity isn’t your thing, try a more natural look instead because the Powder Effect technique is so adaptable. This is the ideal choice for those who love “no makeup” makeup and would rather avoid wearing any makeup. Many of our clients with fair skin and blonde hair adore it as well! Because they can always choose to go bolder at the touch-up, soft and subtle shading is also a great technique for clients who are unsure of what kind of look they want.
  6. You want to ditch your brow pencil, powder, or pomade: Whether you like thick brows, subtle shading, or an ombré that combines the best of both worlds, there’s no doubt that you use a conventional makeup product (or two!) to give yourself the look each morning. Smudged makeup must be reapplied because it wears off. The Powder Effect, however, lasts for months and months before it naturally fades.
  7. You want fast results: The Powder Effect happens quickly. Within two hours, you’ll be in and out of our studio, and three days later, you’ll be fully recovered! This means that 72 hours after leaving your appointment, you may resume your regular activities.
  8. You want beautiful, low-maintenance brows: Clients with all skin tones and types receive a stunning semi-permanent brow look from Powder Effect. Clients typically need a touch-up every 12 to 15 months. People who want a more defined brow or those with very oily skin might prefer to visit us more frequently for touch-ups.

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